World wide concern over climate change prompted us to review the provisions we wanted or needed to make for future generations.  It became quite obvious, as a result of our informal chats with friends, that there was an opportunity to make some small impact of our own.  We therefore set about investigating various possibilities.  We knew we wanted to do something, but were not entirely sure quite what form our small intervention should take.

We have been hugely fortunate to be able to travel quite widely; we visited, amongst other places, Madagascar, and there we found a team (PRISM) who were actively working to find out what was happening to the species around the coral reef off the island, and indeed the coral reef itself.  We were able to meet members of the team and to discuss their work and their needs - and the Penycommin Trust was born.

We have since continued to search for projects that fit our ethos, and are now pleased to assist PRISM and more recently, the work of Pipal Tree too.


The core objectives of the Penycommin Trust for Wildlife Conservation is:

The conservation, preservation and protection of endangered or threatened species and the physical and natural environment for the public benefit by making grants.

Money is available to small groups and organisations which meet the criteria set out in the trust's objectives. Species conservation and problems with the condition or extent of the habitat that supports them are elements that must be considered in any application. Projects should take a holistic approach to species and habitat management.

We are particularly interested in projects that involve local communities as these help the longer term success of local wildlife.  Generally only small Grants will be considered.

In the first instance, please send a brief resumé of your project and an outline of what you would use the fund for. You should send this to info@penycommintrust.org.uk. Should your approach meet our initial criteria, you will be sent a detailed application form.

The application form will require a description of the project, supported by the Applicant’s own evidence of the need for the project and supporting references from 2 other people or organisations with conservation experience in this particular field. On completion of the project, the Trustees will require a written report, which shall include a financial record together with information on the outcome of the project. The applicant will be made aware that the Trustees or their appointed agent may visit the project to check on progress.

No more than one application for a grant will be considered from any one organisation in any one calendar year, to prevent an organisation accumulating a large grant through a number of smaller grants.

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Together, all the Trustees help shape the direction of the Trust and oversee the applications for and provision of Grants.  

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