The waters around Sainte Marie Island are home to a unique ecosystem, very
rich in coral diversity. But sadly, due to several factors, including global
warming, erosion, pollution and the island’s economic dependency upon
tourism and fisheries, marine ecosystems are going through difficult times.
PRISM [Reef Project of the Sainte Marie Island, Madagascar] has arisen from
the need to study and monitor the coral environments around Sainte Marie.
PRISM’s short term objectives are to monitor the coral reef and create a fish
species inventory. The data will be gathered to enable determination of
temporal evolution and the mitigation of long-term changes, as well as the
resilience of the reef.

The long-term objective is to provide the knowledge needed for the creation of
Marine Protected Areas around Sainte Marie Island.

The Penycommin Trust is proud to support PRISM by providing funds to enable
these objectives to be realised.

MJS 02/01/2019.